New York, NY (September 2012) – Detroit’s legendary Strata Records is on the rise once again, ready to bring you a sound reminiscent of a time when folks met in dark smoky clubs to tap their feet and jam on new, prolific sounds. It’s jazz, yeah, but with a new kind of fusion, the kind pioneered by Miles Davis’ funky experiments.


In 1974, Strata Records Inc. was well known in Detroit for their art gallery, live music venue and record label, turning out records by artists like Kenny Cox and Lyman Woodard. In 2012, nearly 4 decades later, Scion commissioned DJ Amir Abdullah to research and create an exhibit based on lost youth culture in Detroit for a new online museum. Familiar with the history of Strata Inc., Amir decided the best way to define the era was through the lens of the labels brief but potent influence on the city’s culture. Inspired by this project, Amir set out to re-introduce the world to Strata Inc. through his own label, 180 Proof Records.


A deep crate aficionado and DJ, Amir is best known as half of the renowned duo Kon and Amir and as a member of the I Love Vinyl collective. Amir is also a deft businessman, having previously worked at such venerable labels as Fat Beats Records, Rapster/K7 Records, and as the label head of Wax Poetics Records. After years spent working for others, Amir founded his own label (180 Proof) in collaboration with Strata Inc. 


The first release from Strata Inc. / 180 Proof records will be Kenny Cox’s Clap Clap! The Joyful Noise in November 2012. This release will be followed by:

-OEP1002: Clap Clap! The Joyful Noise (Geology Remix) / Lost My Love DJ Kon Remix (10")

-OEP1003: Larry Nozero featuring Dennis Tini-Time (album)

-OEP1004: Sam Sanders by Sam Sanders (album)

-OEP1005: Clap Clap! The Joyful Noise Remix EP featuring Lord Finesse, Marc Mac (4hero), Rainer Truby and Geology (Vinyl Only). 


To take this project to the next level, Amir partnered with Barbara Cox, owner of Strata, to release never before music from the label. Using the original multi-track tapes, Amir will curate proper remixes, restorations and covers from the full label catalog. In other words, a full scope of sound, a full scope of history, and a fresh new sound for modern day audiences.


Currently planned releases will include:

Location by Contemporary Jazz Quintet (1973)

Live’n' Well by Bert Myrick (1974)

Inside Ourselves by Sphere (1974)

Malauwi by Maulawi Nurudin (1974)

Saturday Night Special by the Lyman Woodard Organization (1975)

-Ortunds by Maulawi Nurudin (previously unreleased album)

-Excursions of the City by Maulawi Nurudin (previously unreleased album)

-Black Hole by Contemporary Jazz Quintet (previously unreleased album)

-Fish Feet by Ron English (previously unreleased album)


“My goal with Strata Records Inc. and the museum is to not only shed light on the wonderful music coming out of Detroit, but also to pay homage to the musicians that paved a way for the artists of today,” states Amir.

With that courageous goal driving this impassioned effort, 180 Proof Records and Strata Inc. are positioned to once again redefine a genre. Stewed in history and peppered with a touch of this century’s new sound, 180 Proof Records will be a place where homage is always paid to the greats.


“Strata for Life”