In the marketplace of reissues, the music is far too often presented in a void: repackaged, reproduced, and redistributed without the advent of any true historical context. And when it comes to the sound of Black American music, the history - the story - is just as important as anything else.

That’s why the goal of 180 Proof Records is to mightily buck this trend, using the sound of the past to weave new stories in Soul, Jazz, and Funk -- or in other words, stories that could only be born in the U.S.A. 
At the head of 180 Proof is veteran DJ, record collector, and Soul archivist, Amir Abdullah (of renowned duo Kon & Amir). The culmination of a life’s work spent unearthing and preserving America’s over-shadowed records, 180 Proof is Amir’s way to act as a living, breathing conduit for the music, the musicians, and the labels that never got a fair shot. And when you hear what 180 Proof puts down, you’ll have no choice but to sit up, pay attention, and start taking notes. 
180 Proof’s mission will begin with Detroit’s enigmatic Strata Inc label (not to be confused with its cousin label, Strata East), a catalog which includes 30 unreleased masters in addition to the label’s 6 official commercial releases. Using the original multi-track tapes, DJ Amir will create proper remixes, restorations and covers from the catalog. In other words, a full scope of sound, a full scope of history. In this way he will create new synergy between the players of the past and the audience of today.
Like a slab of 180-gram vinyl on repeat, 180 Proof Records will bring you the highest grade music, with the best preservation, the best restoration, and the best presentation, again and agian, time after time...

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