Kon & Amir - On Track Volume 4 (Double Cassette) by On Track Productions

Tags Cassette
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The last of the limited cassette pressing!

Ushering in the first wave of breaks mixtapes, the groundbreaking first volume of Kon & Amir's On Track debuted in 1997 and changed the mixtape game. Featuring elusive soul, jazz and funk grooves that formed the basis of classic and contemporary hip-hop cuts, the Boston/New York-based duo proved they were more than a step ahead of the competition when it came to unearthing dusty, arcane record heat. Released on cassette years before sample-packed mixtapes became a trend, this was the foundation of the pair's long and storied career. The On Track series continued for another five celebrated volumes, concluding with Volume 6 in 2006.

On Track Volume 4 is an obscure collection of the most sought after breaks ever recorded. no bootlegs or compilations were used. 100% originally recorded material.